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Leadership Committee


The Junior Board Executive Committee’s primary goal is to direct and provide leadership in areas of membership, recruiting, outreach, and for each project of the Junior Board. As representatives of the Junior Board, the Executive Committee assists in the implementation of the Board’s goals and objectives, and fulfillment of its purpose. Representation of the Junior Board in other agency groups, including Regional and Division advisory boards, will be handled directly through the Executive Committee. The Chairperson of the Executive Committee sits on the Board of Directors for Catholic Charities.

As the primary governing body of the Board, the Executive Committee also has the responsibility to establish and evaluate membership guidelines, recruitment, education, and orientation.

The Executive Committee includes a Chair and several Executive Committee Advisors. Junior Board members who have been appointed to the Board of Advisors are also encouraged to provide input at these meetings. In addition, the Chair (or Co-Chairs) of each of the Volunteer, Social, and Faith Committees are appointed to the Executive Committee.

Please note: The selection process of the Executive Committee of the Junior Board is by appointment and completely voluntary. The Executive Committee does not have influence in the hiring of Catholic Charities staff. The Executive Committee is solely involved in the work of the Junior Board. All other agency-related questions should be forwarded to the appropriate Catholic Charities staff member found at the Catholic Charities homepage,


Junior Board Executive Committee 2015-2016

Director of the Junior Board

Ilse Zenteno

Chairman of the Junior Board

Carolyn Mulaney

Vice Chairs of the Junior Board

Joseph Hetland

Daniel Marinez

Membership Advisors

Maureen Callahan



Solange Andino

Sponsorship and In-Kind Giving Advisors

Robert O'Neill



Social Media Advisor

Dorothy Watts

Social Committee Co-Chairs

Elaina Basta

Erin Jelm

Volunteer Committee Co-Chairs

Natalie Montana

Mary Margaret Parker

Faith Committee Co-Chairs

John Manley

Andrew Palczewski

Casino Night Co-Chairs

Meghan Kastenholz

Kat Kos Kennedy

Junior Board Chaplain

Rev. Wayne Watts


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