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Raymond's Journey Towards Success
Tuesday, January 31, 2017 by Communications
Raymond is a 58 year old, single male, diagnosed with HIV since the mid 80’s. Through a referral to Catholic Charities from the AIDS foundation of Chicago, Celina has been his Case Manager since 2015. 

Raymond has been living in the Chicago area for several years after relocating to Florida from Puerto Rico nearly 10 years ago. Since moving to the Chicago area, he has been homeless and lived with a friend for a while. He lived for some time at Alexian Brothers Bonaventure House, and nearly two years ago, he was connected to Heartland Alliance short-term subsidy Shelter Plus Care Program and was placed in his own apartment. Through the subsidy program, he was only required to pay 15% of his rent. His participation with the subsidy has since expired, and he has now been paying the full rent amount for his apartment. He is now working as a full-time nurse technician and has been taking classes to become a registered nurse, all while managing his diagnosis.
Celina is very proud of the positive changes taking place in Raymond’s life. Initially, Celina was able to assist Raymond with obtaining food vouchers, medical insurance, medical assistance, and providing overall support. Once Raymond decided he was ready to receive counseling, Celina helped connect him to counseling services through his medical insurance provider. 

Raymond’s viral load remains undetectable, which is a major factor in his continued success on his journey towards self-sufficiency. The support he has received through Catholic Charities and our partner organizations has greatly influenced the positive changes in his life, including maintaining his rent payment, having a full time job, having an educational goal and progressing toward that goal. Celina is proud of Raymond’s continued motivation and is confident he will be successful pursuing his goals. 

Note: Client’s name has been changed to assure confidentiality.

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