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HIV/AIDS: Some Common Myths/Misconceptions
Thursday, October 31, 2013 by Communications

  • HIV/AIDS is now under control.
  • People who are HIV+ but look and feel healthy cannot spread the virus.
  • HIV/AIDS is really a gay disease.
  • You can get HIV/AIDS by donating blood.
  • You can get HIV/AIDS from being bitten by a mosquito.
  • You can get HIV/AIDS from casual, everyday contact like touching, hugging, kissing* an HIV+ person or from using the same dishes, water fountain, swimming pool or toilet or sharing the same house or room or studying, working with or eating food prepared by an HIV+ person.
    *(Deep kissing may present a risk for HIV transmission from a person who is infected if there are open sores or lesions in the mouth).
  • You can get HIV/AIDS when an HIV+ person coughs or sneezes at you or from their tears, saliva, urine or sweat.
  • HIV/AIDS cannot be spread from an HIV+ mother to her baby before, during or after birth.
  • The new drug therapies can cure HIV/AIDS if they are started early.
  • About one-half of all new HIV infections occur among persons in their mid to upper twenties.