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Ethan Succeeds With Support of Catholic Charities
Friday, June 10, 2016 by Communications
“Ethan” is a single male who has been living with HIV for 5 years. While he had worked in retail previously, he is currently unable to work and is receiving disability benefits. He uses the Catholic Charities Care Cupboard food pantry, transportation services and attends our support groups. Anna is a counselor/case manager who has been with Catholic Charities for 12 years and working in the HIV/AIDS Case Management Program for 10 of those years. Ethan has been meeting with Anna once a week for individual counseling for 4 of those 5 years. He has battled with depression and suicide for the majority of those 4 years. The spring is a hard time for him due to several anniversaries of multiple deaths in his family. In the last 3 years spring has sent him into a spiral downward ending in suicidal thoughts and, in some years, inpatient hospitalization. Within the last year he has made great strides to overcome his concerns about taking psychotropic medications and has been militant in finding the right medication with minimal side effects for him. This year with spring nearly half over, he is doing well with his depression, continuing to take his medications as prescribed and continues to meet with Anna weekly. He reports that he feels as though this is the first year in a long time that he can approach these anniversaries with excitement and focus on his loved ones’ legacies. With the support of the staff of Catholic Charities HIV/AIDS Program Services, his journey continues.

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