Grace, Mercy and Peace; Bishop Stays True to Motto
Wednesday, September 25, 2013 by Communications

Grace, Mercy, and Peace: that is the Episcopal motto of Bishop Timothy J. Lyne, one of Chicago’s most beloved religious leaders, who this year is celebrating 70 years as a priest and 30 years as a bishop.   During his 70 years of faithful service—most notably as pastor of Holy Name Cathedral, Episcopal Vicar for Vicariate II, and Vicar for Senior Priests—Bishop Lyne has indeed stayed true to his motto, touching the lives of thousands of people throughout this city and state.

In addition to his remarkable leadership as Episcopal Vicar for Vicariate II, some of Bishop Lyne’s major accomplishments include overseeing the massive renovation of Holy Name Cathedral early on in his tenure as pastor, creating the Archdiocese’s first finance council for Cardinal Bernardin, and being a key member of numerous council’s and committees including the Illinois Conference of Catholic Churches, the Council of Religious Leaders of Metropolitan Chicago, and the Council for a Parliament of the World’s Religions.   

Throughout his career, Bishop Lyne has been a great visionary, administrator and peacemaker.  His talents for bringing diverse groups of people together toward common goals and developing solutions for complex problems are highly valued in the Archdiocese.  His advice and counsel are sought by many leaders.  He continues to be a trusted advisor to me personally, as he was to my predecessors at Catholic Charities.  

Bishop Lyne has always been a tremendous champion of the poor and great friend to Catholic Charities.  He has referred to Catholic Charities as a “jewel of the Archdiocese,” reminding us that we are so fortunate to be entrusted with the care of Jesus’ most precious treasures: our brothers and sisters in need.  He has continually used his respected voice to promote and protect the needs of the poor with civic, government and business leaders.  

Bishop Lyne is a role model for people of all ages.  For young people, he is an inspiration for all that one can accomplish in a lifetime.  For those in the middle years, he is the epitome of a great leader, achieving goals with integrity, humility and honor.   And, for seniors, he is a reminder of the power of age—his opinions and good counsel are valued, respected and sought after to this day.  

Twelve years ago, Catholic Charities had the privilege of naming our Bishop Lyne Residence in his honor.  This home for retired priests, which shares a campus with Catholic Charities’ skilled nursing facility, Holy Family Villa, is a saving grace to many priests throughout the Archdiocese who would otherwise have difficulty finding a safe, affordable place to enjoy their retirement.   Bishop Lyne was instrumental in the development and planning of this home and the rebuilding of Holy Family Villa in 2001.    

On April 13, Catholic Charities will again have the privilege of honoring Bishop Lyne—this time at our annual Holy Family Villa Dinner, where he will receive the Caritas Sanctae Familiae award. This “Love of Holy Family” award, beautifully symbolizes Bishop Lyne’s daily life, in which he consistently and compassionately offers his hand to others in understanding, wisdom, and friendship.  

For seven decades, Bishop Timothy Lyne has imitated the “Good Shepherd” in serving the People of God in the Archdiocese of Chicago with grace, mercy and peace.  Bishop Lyne’s incredible love of people and generous heart are treasured by all who have the honor of knowing him.  

Let’s all extend our congratulations and heartfelt gratitude to Bishop Lyne.   He is an example to us all.


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