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“There’s always something going on!” This is the way Director Lisa Pauletto describes Catholic Charities’ Junior Board. That non-stop “something” started 10 years ago, when Catholic Charities initiated an organization that unleashed an explosion of charitable energy: The Catholic Charities Junior Board.

A bold new effort, the Junior Board was envisioned as a vibrant organization of young adults, ages 21 through 45, committed to assisting and promoting the compassionate works of Catholic Charities. The goal was to encourage and develop leaders in the church through effective community action that includes volunteer service, social fundraising and theological exploration. Practically speaking, the mission of the Junior Board is to create advocates for the poor, who not only help their brothers and sisters in need – of all faiths and racial and ethnic backgrounds; but also spread the word about Catholic Charities’ mission and programs in their communities. It’s clear that the Junior Board has lived up to their mission in its first decade!