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Board of Directors 


General Information

The Board of Directors has 47 members from diverse and accomplished backgrounds who often have deep and strong relationships with Catholic Charities. The primary governance responsibility rests with the Board of Directors and its Executive Committee. Since 1917, the Board has established subcommittees/standing committees providing support, advocacy and expertise to Catholic Charities. The 26 members of the Board of Directors currently sit as Chairpersons of our 26 Board Standing Committees, serving both administrative and program-related needs.


Members of the Board of Directors

Linda C. Abbott
Kathleen M. Almaney
John J. Burke, Jr.
Richard W. Burke, Sr.
Mary M. Carlson
Charles F. Clarke, Jr.
Kevin W. Cleary
Kathleen Donahue
Mary S. Feeley
James R. Figliulo
Martha FitzGerald
Louis J. Glunz III
William L. Hardy
John J. Hartman
David R. Hoese
Mark A. Hoppe  
Benjamin Jagoe
Michael P. Kendall
Judith M. Kendzior
Gerard Kenny
Janice R. Klich
William L. Lamey, Jr.
Ronald P. Laurent
Christopher E. Lawler

Eileen Burns Lerum
Joseph F. Luby
John J. Lynch, Jr.
Dennis A. Marks
Clement V. Martin
Brian Masterson
David K. McHugh
Robert P. McNeill
Rene Medina
Michael L. Monticello
Lawrence P. Morris
David Muhlenkamp
Charles W. Mulaney, Jr.
Carolyn Mulaney
Mark L. Noetzel
Timothy Richards
Timothy J. Rivelli
James M. Ryan
Michael Ryan
Michael Y. Scudder, Jr.
Leonard E. Wiatr
Anne Kelly Williams
Jude P. Zwick



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