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Facilities Operations 


Steve Podder, Director
721 N. LaSalle St.
Chicago, IL 60654
Main Phone: (312) 655-7000
Alternate: (312) 948-6746

The Facilities Operations Department is responsible for providing a safe, clean and attractive environment for all employees and clients in our Catholic Charities facilities. The Facilities Department is respectful, accessible, and contributes to organizational productivity and effective Support Service delivery.

Facilities Operations oversees internal and external mail and package operations, in-house printing and duplication functions, switchboard services, vehicle management services, housekeeping and parking lot services for staff and visitors. Facilities Operations is involved in the physical movement of personnel, furniture and programs, purchasing of building supplies and equipment. Facility security practices and procedures are also handled by the department. Through direct management of numerous Catholic Charities sites, Facilities Operations administers construction/remodeling projects and contracts, determines square footage information for internal accounting, institutes general and preventive maintenance programs to ensure energy conservation standards are met, and is instrumental in planning and developing numerous capital projects. 

Facilities Operations and Management consistently greets a huge, diverse, indigent population, coordinates and assists with the Evening Supper Program, and hosts a multitude of meetings each month.