Race Information

AIDS Foundation of Chicago’s Run/Walk
5K Run/Walk

Saturday, October 1st, 2016

Location: Soldier Field, Chicago, IL

Course: 5K or 10K path around the Museum Campus and the Lake Shore

Entry Fee: $30 (walkers), $40 (runners), $50 (Race Day Registration)

We hope you, your friends, and family, can join us for a beautiful walk or run on Chicago’s lakefront. 
Pledges and registration costs directly benefit our HIV/AIDS programs in Cook and Lake counties
as well as our partnership with the AIDS Foundation of Chicago. 

For more information on the event or to join the planning committee, please contact
Laura Kuever at 847-782-4265 or lkuever@catholiccharities.net.


OUR MISSION: To lead the fight against HIV/AIDS and improve the lives of people affected by the epidemic.

We have reached an unparalleled moment in history where the potential to end the AIDS epidemic has never been greater.

Federal health reform increases access to care for half a million Americans who currently lack health insurance. Advances in HIV medicine allow HIV-positive patients who adhere to their treatment to live virtually normal lifespans with minimal side effects. These patients also reduce the risk of transmitting HIV by 96%. Faster, cheaper and more accurate HIV diagnostic tests help more Americans learn their HIV status.

With an assortment of opportunities to make a lasting difference, AFC counts on the active involvement of our corporate and governmental partners who share our urgency to stop the epidemic’s deadly spread.

Together, it is possible to chart a better future for people and communities affected by HIV/AIDS.


AIDS Run & Walk Chicago is AFC’s grassroots fundraising event where people from all walks of life help change the story of HIV in our lifetime. As beneficiaries of the event, AFC and our Catholic Charities are greatly impacted - beyond just the obvious ways.

AIDS Run & Walk Chicago stands up to the stigma associated with HIV/AIDS allowing progress to continue toward ending the epidemic. Run & Walk invigorates the sector by increasing awareness for the cause, growing our passionate community and allowing new leaders to emerge.


There are 2 ways to register for the AIDS Foundation of Chicago’s Run/Walk.


Click here to register! Please indicate you are registering for Team Catholic Charities.

To register as a team member:
  1. Visit www.aidsrunwalk.org. Click REGISTER.
  2. Enter our team name (Catholic Charities) and click “search for a team”
  3. Click “Join”
  4. During Step 1 of the registration process, select whether you’d like to run or walk.
  5. During step 1 of the registration process, select if you would like to have your race packet mailed to your prior to the race.
    PLEASE DO NOT CHOOSE THIS OPTION. The Team Captain, Laura Kuever will be picking up all of the race packets for the team and will distribute the packets the day of the event.
  6. Continue through Steps 2-6 to complete your event registration.
  7. Begin fundraising!


On Race Day. Please note the price will increase to $50 for Race Day registration.

How do I get my race packet?
Catholic Charities will have a tent at the event. The Team Captain will bring all race packets to the tent so you can pick up your materials before the race starts.

Can I sign up the day of the race?

Yes, registration fees are increased the day of the race (from $30 and $40 to $50); but you can still register the day of the event.

Can I still make a donation after the race?

Yes, donations after the race are still accepted. Please go to www.aidsrunwalk.org to make a donation through 10/31/15. You can also send a check donation made out to the AIDS Foundation of Chicago and send it to Laura Kuever, 671 S. Lewis Ave., Waukegan, IL 60085. Please be sure to include Team Catholic Charities on the memo line.

Can I get a map of the race routes?
A race course map will be available in June 2015 at www.aidsrunswalk.org.


Please contact Laura Kuever at 847-782-4265 or lkuever@catholiccharities.net or use the form below.

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