11th Annual Holy Family Villa Dinner

 Event Details

Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago and Holy Family Villa invite you to a celebration dinner!


The 11th Annual Holy Family Villa Award Dinner has been cancelled for this year. Awards will be presented at a later date to the families of Fr. Michael Walsh of Sacred Heart Parish, Tom Wappel, and Paul Guistolise. Contact Denise Samulis, at dsamulis@catholiccharities.net or (312) 948-6864 for additional information.

The Grand Raffle was Drawn on Sunday, May 31st and all winners have been notified. 
Congratulations to: Donna J-M, John P, Jessica J, Donna J and Anthony C.

We also want thank everyone that purchased raffle tickets for their continued support!

 About HFV

Holy Family Villa is a licensed skilled care facility for seniors located in Palos Park. Holy Family Villa prides itself on being an “extension” of the residents’ home in a loving, caring and professional environment. With the growing population of seniors in our community, there grew a need to expand our facility to meet the needs of those who will look to us for care in future.

Proceeds from this special dinner will benefit capital projects of Holy Family Villa.

 Sponsorship Opportunities


Denise Samulis

Director of Special Events & Corporate Relations

721 N. LaSalle
Chicago, IL 60654


The Caritas Sanctae Familiae Award will be presented posthumously to the family of Tom Wappel. Caritas Sanctae Familiae, meaning “Love of Holy Family,” beautifully reflects the daily experience at Holy Family Villa: in the Family of Holy Family Villa, the residents and their loving families and friends, the caring staff and generous benefactors; in the Family of Faith, the Catholic Church which nourishes and sustains us throughout life; in our own “holy families,” that formed us in love, faith and service to those dear to us and to those in need.

The Timothy J. Lyne Award is named in honor of one of the most beloved and respected priests in the history of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Bishop Lyne celebrated 70 years as priest and 30 years as a bishop before entering into eternal life in 2013. In memory of his devotion and support to Catholic Charities mission of senior care at Holy Family Villa and his dedication as Vicar to Senior Priests, this award is bestowed upon a person of faith who exemplifies Bishop Lynes’ faithfulness, leadership, and loyalty to the Church and its senior people. This year’s award will be presented posthumously to the family of Fr. Michael Walsh of Sacred Heart.

The Monsignor John A. Kuzinskas Award commemorates Holy Family Villa’s chaplain who served its residents, their families and staff from 1997 until his passing on to eternal life in 2013. A priest for 61 years, his pastoral legacy lies in his dedication to all people and, in particular, to the needs of the elderly, the ill and Chicago’s Lithuanian community. The Monsignor John A. Kuzinskas Award is bestowed upon a person who exhibits Catholic Charities spirit of selfless giving through his or her outstanding dedication to volunteerism and involvement at Holy Family Villa. This year’s award will be presented posthumously to the family of Paul Guistolise for his dedication and loving support of Holy Family Villa and Catholic Charities.