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Gifts of Stock

How to give stock

If your broker holds the shares, please give your broker this information to electronically transfer your shares:
        DTC Number: #0010, Brown Brothers Harriman
        For credit to account # 2437010, Catholic Charities of Chicago

Our broker is Thomas Davis at Brown Brothers Harriman, (312) 781-7140.

So that we credit your gift properly, please let us know when you transfer shares, and if your gift is for a particular appeal, special event, or program. Kindly notify Margaret Hughes, Director of Individual & Planned Giving, by phone (312) 655-7012 or by fax (312) 655-0605 or email

If you hold a stock certificate issued in your name, complete the assignment on its reverse side. Assign it to Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Chicago. Your signature must be guaranteed by an eligible guarantor institution, such as your bank or brokerage house. Ask us to pick up the certificate, or hand-deliver it to Catholic Charities, Development Department, 721 N. LaSalle, Chicago, IL 60654.

Your donation receipt

The dollar value of your gift is based on the average share price on your gift date. For electronic transfers, your gift date is the date that our account received the shares. For stock certificates, the gift date is the pick up or delivery date.

Advantages of giving stock

Donating stock is easy to do, and may result in tax savings. A gift of stock is valued for tax purposes on the date of transfer. The fair market value of gifts of long-term, capital gain securities is deductible up to 30% of a donor's adjusted gross income. Any amount in excess may be carried forward for a period of five years. Giving securities that have increased in value is a great way to benefit Catholic Charities and bypass the capital gains tax that would be due on a sale.

For example: Suppose that stock purchased years ago for $1,000 is now worth $10,000. Donating those shares would result in a charitable deduction of $10,000, and you would not owe capital gains tax on the $9,000 of appreciation.

To preserve the tax advantages of donating stock, you must transfer the shares directly to us. Do not sell the stock.