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Derrick: A Client Success Story
Monday, June 04, 2018 by Communications

Derrick: A Client Success Story

Derrick is a 53 year old, single white male who was diagnosed as HIV+ in 1994. He first came to Catholic Charities in March, 2014 after he moved from Iowa to live in his sister’s home in Waukegan as her “house sitter” after she and her family moved out of state. He has a high school education and previously worked for a marketing agency and has lived overseas. He enjoys reading and has studied different languages.

He transferred to Catholic Charities from the CORE Center because travel to Chicago was too difficult. His Catholic Charities case manager connected him to our mental health support group and the Spanish psycho-social support group. In addition, when he was having continuing problems with the home delivery of his meds, he voiced fatalistic thoughts in a phone message telling her that “if I can’t take my meds what sense does it make to live.” She called him immediately and kept in touch with him over the weekend. In the meantime, she was able to intervene with the pharmacy supervisor to ultimately resolve an insurance issue, and he is receiving his medications regularly. While described as a “loner” he has, since that incident, developed a strong relationship with a spiritual advisor, (a deacon), with whom he meets monthly; again, his case manager connected them. He participates on Team Catholic Charities in the annual AIDS RUN/Walk and willingly participates in any program audits.

Having connected Derrick to our Catholic Charities services, his case manager continues to offer her encouragement and support and periodically reassess his progress. He is doing extremely well and continues to be very busy with his involvement with his church.

Note:Client’s name changed to assure confidentiality.

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