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The Medical Benefits Coordinator (MBC) met Aria at the Lake County Health Department. Aria is an individual diagnosed with HIV in the late 90’s and has been struggling to maintain consistency with taking care of her health due to substance use. Aria has a great responsibility in her hands –she has to take care of himself and her mother who is ill. She has been referred to Case Management in the past but has not followed through when Case Managers have attempted to provide services.

When the MBC first walked into the medical room, Aria was in a hunched position looking down. The MBC introduced herself to the client, and explained her role as a Medical Benefits Coordinator/Medical Case Management Liaison at Lake County Catholic Charities. She presented Aria with the services that Catholic Charities provides and offered her the opportunity to join as a client. When the MBC informed Aria about the transportation services and the opportunity to obtain food through the agency, her face lit up. The client had been paying to use a taxi service to get to her medical appointments. The MBC learned that Aria is currently suffering from many medical issues that cause her to attend medical services frequently. The MBC emphasized that Catholic Charities can assist our clients with transportation for their medical appointments because we know how significant it is for clients to attend to their health frequently. Aria loved the idea and asked the MBC to help her sign up with Case Management services at Catholic Charities. Aria also informed the MBC that she does feel lonely and would like to gain social support. The MBC provided him with a list of support groups that exist at Catholic Charities and she expressed interest in attending one in the future.

One of the Case Managers at Catholic Charities was assigned Aria’s case when she was referred by the AIDS Foundation, and she has become linked to Catholic Charities for services. Since she has been linked for services, she has utilized transportation for medical services and been referred to mental health services. It is exciting to see a client who previously did not engage in services feel that the time was right this time-it is also a testament to the compassionate services that the MBC and Case Managers provided that she linked to services and was comfortable enough to disclose the needs she has.

September National HIV/AIDS Ethnic Awareness Days

Did you know that an estimated 40,000 new HIV infections occur every year in the U.S.? It is estimated that 15 to 20% of persons living with the virus DO NOT KNOW that they are infected. If you do not know that you are infected with HIV, you could be spreading the virus to others. The only way to know if you are infected is to get tested.

September 18th marks National HIV/AIDS and Aging Awareness Day. Although the number of deaths from AIDS is decreasing, the number of new infections and the number of persons living with AIDS are rising. Among the population groups increasingly at risk for HIV infection are those 50 years and older. As these numbers increase, persons living with AIDS will face the daily challenges of living with the disease as well as the daily challenges of aging. September 27th marks National Gay Men’s HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. Data from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention show a sharp increase in the number of new infections among young (13-29) gay and bisexual men. Because of persistent and painful homophobia, stigma and discrimination people are afraid to be tested and seek treatment and health care.

Free and confidential or anonymous testing is available in a community near you.

This disease has NO CURE. There is NO Vaccine to prevent it, and it will NOT GO AWAY!!

Know your status; get tested for HIV and share the word with others to do the same! For more information call 312-948-6500 or go to

Compassionate God, bless the millions of children who have been orphaned because of HIV/AIDS---We pray.

2019 March National Ethnic HIV/AIDS Awareness Days
Friday, February 8, 2019 by Communications
March 10th and 20th are days of national observance to encourage people to show support for persons living with HIV/AIDS and to raise awareness of its continuing impact.

March 10th, National Women and Girls’ HIV/AIDS Awareness Day, sheds light on the impact of HIV/AIDS on women and girls. Despite tremendous progress against the disease in the U.S., women remain vulnerable to the infection---especially African American and Hispanic women. Currently there are 1.1 million people living with HIV/AIDS in the U.S., and nearly 1/4th or 23% of them are women.

March 20th is National Native (American Indian, Alaska Native and Native Hawaiian) HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. The day’s theme is “A Celebration of Life.” HIV affects thousands in these populations which have the 3rd highest rate of AIDS diagnoses in the U.S., despite having the smallest population. They are more likely to be younger than their non-native peers and have a shorter time between AIDS diagnosis and death.


For more information call: 312-948-6500 or go to

A suggested petition to include on the weekends of 3/9 and 10 and 3/16 and 17:

Compassionate God, strengthen all persons living with HIV or AIDS to live fully with hope and peace…we pray.