State Budget Impasse Greatly Impacting Our Programs and Services
Tuesday, May 17, 2016 by Communications

Like every other human social services provider in Illinois, we continue to be greatly impacted by the lack of a State budget.  We provide more than $2 million in services each month on behalf of the State – for which we have not been reimbursed since July 1.  At this time, we are owed more than $25 million from the State. We serve 1 million of the most vulnerable people in our state – seniors, children, veterans, families. These are the very people our elected leaders pledged to protect. 

As anyone can comprehend, $2 million per month is an unsustainable amount. We continue to evaluate all of our programs and services. With no end in sight to the budget impasse, we may soon be forced to make incredibly difficult decisions that could include closing programs. We strongly urge our elected leaders to end this budget impasse and protect the most vulnerable of our state.

We ask that you contact your elected officials and urge them to pass a comprehensible state budget, for the sake of all those in need.

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