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Thank you to each of our Chaircouples from the past 31 years of the Spirit of Saint Nicholas Ball. Nearly $13 million in net proceeds has been raised for children thanks to the leadership, vision and generosity of these individuals.

1990 Maryjeanne and Richard W. Burke, Sr.
1991 Ellen and Charles W. Mulaney, Jr.
1992 Lavinia † and Richard † M. Carrigan, Sr.
1993 Suzanne and Phillip B. Rooney
1994 Margery  and Homer † J. Livingston, Jr.
1995 John J. Lynch, Jr. & Family
1996 Anne and J. Patrick Gallagher, Jr.
1997 Charles R. Walgreen & Family
1998 Eleanor and † Charles F. Clarke, Jr.
1999 Mona † and Thomas F. Meagher, Sr.
2000 Mary Jane and James R. Boris
2001 Joanne and Arthur R. Velasquez
2002 Catherine and Richard E. Terry
2003 Jeanne and William L. Hardy
2004 Nancy and Lester H. McKeever, Jr.
2005 Thomas D. Grusecki & Family
2006 Dawn and J.R. Davis
2007 Diana and George Moser
2008 Mary and Mark Hoppe
2009 Peg and Steve Lombardo
2010 Dorothy and Ed Wehmer
2011 Roberta and Kevin Cleary
2012 Molly and Jim Perry
2013 Cheryl and Len Wiatr
2014 Janie and Chuck † Walsh
2015 Al and Mary Ann Moschner
2016 Mary Beth and Richard Murphy
2017 Claire and Michael O’Grady
2018 Rhonda and Scott Swanson
2019 Judy and Jerry Castellini
2020 Virtual Event
2021 Steve and Christy King


St. Nick Event 2020 Details
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St. Nick Event 2020 Details
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Our annual Spirit of St. Nicholas Ball has given us 30 years of fond memories and lasting impact on generations of children in need. This year, we marked the day with a virtual experience that captured the “spirit” of St. Nicholas through various lenses.

On Friday, December 4th, we celebrated together with music, memories, a look at the life and legacy of St. Nicholas, and more.

Click here for the recording of the virtual program:

Please note: This recording has been edited for length & content

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St. Nick Event 2020 Event Program
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St. Nick Event 2020 Event Sponsors
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